HiLook 3k ColorVu Cameras

3k ColorVu lite CCTV Cameras are now available in HiLook by Hikvision

What is 3k resolution?

3k resolution is replacing 5MP - essentially it is a 5MP camera but with a 16:9 aspect ratio (rather than a 4:3).

Think about when your TV went from square to widescreen, that's essentially the change.

What is ColorVu lite?

ColorVu lite is a technology designed by Hikvision to allow your camera to view a full colour image 24/7.

It uses a LED light to help in low light situations, but if you have a street light outside your house the light may not need to come on.

The LED light can be disabled, but this may effect the quality of your image.

They are available in both turrets and bullets, and both have a built in microphone to provide extra security.

These latest cameras do require a compatible DVR - most older DVR's do not support the newer 3k resolution.

Compatible HiLook DVR's




Please note the (C) is important, as this indicates the new model. If in future they release (D) this is OK, as it follows (C). If your recorder is DVR-204U-K1 (Nothing after) this is an old model.

Compatible Hikvision DVR's




There is firmware available to update some older Hikvision models, however there is no firmware for HiLook models (mainly because prior HiLook DVR's did not support audio over coax)